Vote for the biggest bullshitters of 2016: Bullshitty Awards ballot


I’ve reviewed and analyzed all the most outrageous bullshit from last year. Now you get to choose who gets the ultimate recognition in the form of the 2016 Bullshitty Awards.

Which corporate statements were the most craven: Samsung, Wells Fargo, or Yahoo?

Who hid the most outrageous thing in a public statement: United Airlines, Mylan, or Facebook?

Who uttered the most meaningless platitudes: Tim Cook, Slack, or Hillary Clinton?

Which politician deserves bullshitter of the year: Clinton, Boris Johnson, or Donald Trump?

To register your opinion: click here and vote.

I will announce results in early February. One vote per person, please.

7 responses to “Vote for the biggest bullshitters of 2016: Bullshitty Awards ballot

  1. I wrote in ExxonMobil as the top corporate bullshitter of the year. Perhaps you could add them to the offered (and already dreadful) options?

  2. I predict that Donald Trump will be the Meryl Streep of the Bullshitty Awards. Multiple nominations, multiple wins.

    BTW, Warren Buffett’s name has 2 Ts. (An issue I’m particularly sensitive about.)

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