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I’m 57. I’m happy. I’m doing what I love. This didn’t happen by accident.

Thanks to my writing teachers, and to those who really taught me to write: Dena, Jon, Bill Blue, and all my editors at Forrester.

Thanks to those who supported me, believed in me, and boosted my confidence: Kimberley, Ray, Isaac, Mom and Dad.

There is no more intimate, trusting, and creative relationship than with a collaborator. Thanks to my coauthors and cocreators: Charlene, Ted, Harley, Kerry, James, and Julie. I learned so much from you, and not all about writing.

I became who I am at Forrester. Thanks to George, Charles, Cliff, Chris, Mary, and so many there. I can never repay what you gave me.

Finally, thanks all my social supporters on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. In nine months, with your help, I’ve birthed a new stream of content. You’re my workplace, my sounding board, and my source of new ideas. Thanks to Jeremiah, Augie, Nate, Shel, DaveDave, Douglas, Olivier, Scott,  Anne-Marie, Henry, Scoble, Jason, Jay, Laura, Rachel, Steve, Brian, Esther, Tom, Aaron, Klaus, Ann, Gerard, Mitch, Dave, Anna, Frank, Joe, Amber, Rohit, David, Zeenat, Shel, David, Vinnie, Bobbie, Estaban, Tamar, Jerome, Phil, John, Melanie, JackieMike, and Ben. And Louis. And of course, Seth.

I will try to live up to and exceed all of your expectations. It’s the least I can do.

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  1. Thank you, Josh. You selflessly helped me many times at Forrester, and your blog continues to provide me with invaluable perspective and insights. I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. I, too, am happy. I’m 56. I’m doing what I love. This did happen by accident. Or rather redundancy.

    Yesterday Seth Godin wrote of the vulnerability of ‘thank you’. When I saw your headline I thought, ‘Okay, Thanksgiving makes people think about saying thanks.’ And I saw that the last person you thanked was Seth.

    Reading your extended vote of thanks is a lovely start to my day – so thank you!

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