To be precise, Social Media Marketing is just mostly dead

My comments on the death of social media marketing generated a lot of reaction, both on my blog and on Augie Ray’s. I was wrong to suggest that it’s completely dead. It’s only mostly dead. Here’s some context. My work on social media began in 2008 with large corporate clients who hoped to use social media like blogs … Continued

10 writing tips on how to not be boring

Business writers are boring. It’s tedious to read their email, Web sites, and white papers. Standing out from this grey background just takes a little color, and it will boost, not harm, your professional reputation. Boring text is not only dull to read, it’s dreary to write. Your readers are seeking information, but you’ve still got a responsibility … Continued

Boston Globe front page HubSpot article lacks actual news

Here’s what I expect from a major newspaper: news. That is, reporting on things that are new. When it comes to sensational headlines about HubSpot, the Globe appears to have forgotten about the “new” part. Like many of you, I’ve been following the titillating saga of the executives that left HubSpot because, allegedly, they used … Continued

Weight loss without bullshit: changing habits

I’m sick of the bullshit around heath, diets, and nutrition. There’s more crap in this one field than anywhere else I know. It’s an entire industry that preys on people’s fears and insecurities. So starting today, I am going to help you cut the crap when it comes to nutrition. And to be clear, I … Continued

My publishing path (and read my proposal)

Thanks to all of you who responded to my post about seeking a publisher or self-publishing Writing Without Bullshit. I’ve made a decision, and many of you were very helpful in that choice. Justin McCullough asked me what my goal was. That’s the right question. My goal is to reach as many people as possible with … Continued

The Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby needs a bicycling lesson

Last month a cyclist died in an accident on Massachusetts Avenue in Boston. Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby thinks the solution is to get bikes off the road, but his editorial, “Urban Roads Aren’t Meant for Bicycles” is just a pile of non sequiturs and whining. Because logic and recommendations are missing from his piece, I’ll have to … Continued

If you demonize Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, you lose the argument

You loved my post about how to disagree with people. But are you living it? Case in point: Kim Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky, has defied the Supreme Court and refused to grant marriage licenses to gay couple, based on her interpretation of the bible. I believe this is wrong. You don’t get to … Continued

The only accurate stock market prediction you’ll read today

I’m here to help you in this troubled time for the market. I will provide you with an accurate description of why the market is down, one that differs from everything you have read in the media. Not only that, I’ll make a bold prediction about where markets are going next. And I’ll tell you how to interpret every article … Continued