The wisdom of Warren Buffett shines through his writing

Warren Buffett recently released his letter to shareholders for 2015. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway consistently delivers excellent financial results; his letters to shareholders consistently deliver clarity, humor, and wisdom. Let’s take a look at just how much better Buffett’s prose is than the muddy, overly technical, jargon-laden and obfuscatory verbiage that makes up most investor communication. … Continued

In the wake of Super Tuesday, Trump’s VP choice will be pivotal

After his Super Tuesday wins, it’s likely that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president. More than in any past election, his choice of VP makes all the difference — not just in electability, but because he might not last a full term. He needs to pick someone less wacko than he is. Super … Continued

The perspective of coming home

When you go back, you notice things. Habits you never thought about, you think about. You go back to that place you used to work, meet an old colleague, talk about work. Your brain snaps right into the old habits. The reflex of hitting those quarterly goals and buying into the company strategy. The fear-response … Continued

Chris Rock’s Oscars monologue: to create change, use humor

There is no better way to tell the hard truth than with a joke. First, the audience laughs. Then they think “why is this funny?” Then they get your point. Then they change. That’s why Chris Rock’s Oscars monologue was so telling, while Motion Picture Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs’ apology was so pathetic. Humor … Continued

Matt Taibbi, master of metaphor, vivisects Trump in Rolling Stone

In the hands of a master, metaphor makes prose vivid and memorable. That’s what Matt Taibbi just did with his deconstruction of Donald Trump in Rolling Stone. I’ve written about how inadvertent metaphor overload destroys the lazily edited 500-word article. But metaphors — even lots of them — can make a longer narration dance in … Continued

The moral vacuum within Donald Trump: a campaign speech by . . .

I challenge each of the remaining candidates for president. Do you have the courage to make this speech and save America from Donald Trump? My fellow Americans, today’s speech is not about me. It is about you. I speak to you today about the greatest threat to America’s future. It’s not ISIS. It’s not gun violence … Continued

How you and your company can start writing without bullshit

When I struck out on my own, I vowed to do only work that I found rewarding. If I could do that, I would have an enviable and satisfying work life. So far, I have succeeded. The most rewarding work for me involves spreading the gospel of writing without bullshit. I’ve found two ways to do that. I … Continued

Apple gets half of America to take its side — and it’s not done

Apple has already convinced half of America that it has a case to defy the FBI. Now Tim Cook has extended the company’s clear, jargon-free communication to its own employees, and to the public with an Answers page. According to a survey of over 1,000 people from the Pew Research Center, 51% of the respondents think Apple … Continued