Enjoy the journey, not just the destination

I have been relentlessly focused on accomplishment. Reaching for the top is fun, but I need to pay more attention to what’s happening as I’m climbing. I don’t know where in my youth I developed the obsession to always reach for more, but it has always been there. SAT scores, graduating top of my class, … Continued

Murky motivations muddle the Nunes memo

On Friday, the House Intelligence Committee released the formerly classified memo written by Representative Devin Nunes casting doubt on the political motivations of the FBI. Some say it proves bias; others have demonstrated how it omits facts and muddies timing to make a partisan point. But as writing goes, it’s like chasing a rabbit down … Continued

How to balance the 5 key elements of a business book

Business books are made out of case studies, idea frameworks, proof points, argumentation, and advice. The key is to balance the amount of each element that you include. Here’s a short description of what each piece is, why it’s important to use the right amount, and how to adjust it. If you write business books, … Continued

The NSA adopts new watchwords in its mission and values statements

The NSA changed its mission statement, deleting honesty and changing the definitions of integrity and transparency. The changes are revealing, because changes in mission statements reflect changes in how an organization views itself. The Intercept noticed that the NSA mission had changed. You can read the old statement, archived, here; the new one is here. … Continued

Is Seth Godin right about the future of publishing?

With Amazon and ebooks swallowing so much of the book business, Seth Godin has set out a new vision for publishers. I don’t think they can follow his lead. As the book business shrinks, you’ll have to make your own way, through either luck or pay-for-play. Seth’s post, on the site of his publishing venture … Continued

Comparing real influence and fake followers

The New York Times published an expose of how “influencers” pay to boost their follower counts on Twitter, using services like Devumi. Real influence comes from ideas that spread and generate change in how people think. You can’t measure that from follower counts. The Times article “The Follower Factory” is worth a read. According to … Continued

How Crock-Pot should defend itself from the “This Is Us” scriptwriters

On the melodramatic NBC show “This Is Us,” a fire started by a slow-cooker burns the house down. This forced Crock-Pot, the iconic slow-cooker brand, to defend its reputation. Unlike most brands under attack, its response shows restraint. A little more wit would be even better. Crock-Pot defends its brand In the show, a second-hand … Continued