The Serif?

You can repurpose the packaging from The Serif, one of Samsung’s “Lifestyle TVs,” into other uses, as shown. As nice as it is to find a better use for waste cardboard, I found something about this picture troubling. Can you spot it? (It’s not the cat.)

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Why the White House guidelines for Opening Up America Again are so wimpy


The Trump Administration published a set of guidelines for restarting economic activity after the global pandemic. They’re so squishy that they’re meaningless. This set of guidelines follows a dizzying set of stances from the President, starting with Trump’s statement Tuesday that he had the absolute authority to order states to “reopen.” That flew in the … Continued

The human (and inhuman) approach to layoffs


Millions of people are losing their jobs. That means corporations need to inform them they’re out of work. Carta did its layoffs well, while Bird behaved abominably. Bird shows how a corporation can behave like an ass There’s not much demand for sidewalk scooter rentals right now. As a result, the scooter company Bird laid … Continued

I cannot teach you to write. But I can help you to learn.


I cannot teach you to write. No one can. I cannot teach you to sing. I cannot teach you to pause in the moment before dusk and appreciate the sunset. I cannot teach you to love and be kind to your fellow human beings. I cannot teach you to step into your forehand and follow … Continued

How Zoom is reclaiming its brand . . . and why it will succeed


Zoom is the easiest to use of all videoconferencing systems, but its security was questionable. After two weeks of spectacular advances, it’s now on a path not only to fix its security, but to restore its brand. Zoom surged in popularity because it was easy to use for both novices and experts in a variety … Continued

The tragedy of orphan apps


Apps have vastly improved the convenience of our lives. Now corporate machinations are making them disappear. Why are we going backwards? I first noticed this when Hipmunk stopped working. Hipmunk was a truly innovative flight search engine with an interface vastly better for comparing flights than Expedia, Travelocity, or anything else. Not only that, it … Continued

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