When will artificial intelligence replace editors?

Not any time soon. Computers are getting much better at identifying writing problems — passive voice, excessive adverbs, misspelled words, the wrong form of “its.” They’re not so good at suggesting answers. And they’re a long way from understanding conceptual and structural issues. From Jacob Brogan’s piece in Slate, “Microsoft’s Grammar and Style Rules Will … Continued

Will video make text and writing obsolete?

Everyone consumes content online now, and video is ubiquitous. Is it time to admit that writing is obsolete? Not quite. But you must recognize the power of video and understand how it works with text to improve how-to and narrative communication. I recently had a mindset-altering conversation with a third-year medical student. She’s helping me … Continued

How an open-ended, curious mindset creates career success

Everybody has questions. Everybody wants answers. What determines your future is the kind of questions you ask, and whether the answers satisfy or stimulate you. One way to succeed is to get really good at something. This competency-focused mindset can get you a good job, and if you’re good at something for which there is … Continued

How Donald Trump will win with a tax cut — and Democratic support

The repeal of the Affordable Care Act has gone down to defeat. Democrats are cheering. Trump and Republicans have now failed at everything significant they’ve attempted, except for confirming a single Supreme Court Justice. Trump will now find success with a middle-class tax cut, an effort that will remake the political framework of Washington. Let’s … Continued