Can Forrester empower consumers with its Tap app?

Forrester Research, my former employer, has released a consumer app called “Tap.” The essence is simple: tell the world what businesses are doing wrong, and they’ll listen and fix it. It’s a crowded app world out there, but if this one catches on, it could make a difference. The world is filled with ratings and … Continued

Join me for smartass news improv this afternoon on Facebook live

Kathy Klotz-Guest and I will be sharing a Facebook Live video session today at 2PM Pacific, 5PM Eastern. You can sign up for it here. What will happen? Here’s what we know so far . . . Kathy is not only a marketing expert, but a professional improv performer. That is her in the picture. … Continued

The whines, er, wisdom of a 59-year-old

Today’s my 59th birthday. I can see 60 on the horizon. If my most recent milestones birthdays are any guide, the trepidation that comes now will turns to mellowness when I get there. So I’m going to write about age now, while I’m still trepidating. In my head, I am still about 24. I still … Continued

Amazing true facts about women at work

Based on the number of #MeToo posts in my social media feeds and the news I’m reading from Hollywood and Silicon Valley, some men have a problem. They seem to be grappling with a mystifying phenomenon: what are women doing in my workplace? Since this blog is all about helping you, the reader, I’ll do … Continued

The Truman Show candidacy: a radically transparent suggestion

What really goes on behind the scenes with candidates for president or other public offices? You know shady things are going on — things that may never come out unless there’s an investigation. It’s time for radical transparency. It’s time for the first full-time livestreaming Truman Show candidate. Recent elections have proven the power of … Continued


I want to tell you about an experience I had, because it helped me understanding mansplaining a bit better. It’s an episode I call “docsplaining.” To understand what happened, you need a little background. I am a partner with two other people in a nonprofit organization dedicated to wellness, nutrition, and a new approach to … Continued