How the Gmail “Smart Reply” feature should really work

In May, mobile Gmail added “Smart Reply,” which reads your email and suggests replies. But hitting a button that says “OK” isn’t much easier than typing “OK” and hitting send. Given the progress of Google’s A.I. technology, it’s going to get smarter. Here’s a peek into the near future: Meeting request From: Project leader To: … Continued

The most amazing thing I’ve done in every US state

Thanks to adventurous parents, 35 years of work, and 58 years on the planet, I’ve been around. Indulge me a bit as I describe the most amazing things that happened to me in every state I’ve visited (45 plus DC). Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming I was 5 and my … Continued

A troll posts a delusional apology

Reddit user “HanAssholeSolo” posted a meme video of Donald Trump beating up on a figure whose face is the CNN logo. Trump reposted it on Twitter. The original poster’s apology reveals how trolls think. Analysis of the troll’s self-serving apology Buzzfeed’s Brandon Wall took a screenshot of the Reddit poster’s apology and shared it on … Continued

6 ways that clear writing clarifies muddy thinking

There is so much blather that passes for thinking these days. If you imagine that you have a good argument, write about it. You’ll make it far stronger (or maybe figure out that you were wrong). I don’t care if your thesis is “Rex Tillerson is the best secretary of state in decades,” “Landscape architecture … Continued

It’s independents’ day in America. Don’t screw it up.

I’ve enjoyed joining the ranks of all the independents who are their own bosses. America has made this, not just possible, but glorious — at least until somebody screws it up. After working for companies continuously for 33 years — since I was 23 — I left my job two years ago. Since then I … Continued

I apologize for yesterday’s blog post about Dave McClure

I apologize for my previous post, in which I praised Dave McClure’s apology for being a creep. At the time, McClure apologized, saying, “I made advances towards multiple women in work-related situations, where it was clearly inappropriate.” Since then, Cheryl (Yeoh) Sew Hoy, an entrepreneur working with Malaysian startups, has accused McClure of sexual assault. … Continued

Venture capitalists Dave McClure and Chris Sacca apologize for harassing women

After VC Justin Caldbeck admitted to harassing women entrepreneurs, The New York Times published a piece about the harassment culture of Silicon Valley. Dave McClure and Chris Sacca, venture capitalists mentioned in that piece, have now responded. Both were genuine, but they took widely different approaches. Their actions now will determine whether the culture of … Continued