Tiny desk press event


I have questions for the person who set up this Thanksgiving Day press opportunity for President Trump.

Who thought a tiny desk and chair would look presidential?

Who imagined that putting the presidential seal on the front of the desk would help?

Who imagined that the taped-together mike stand and scuffed carpet would enhance the effect?

Who thought the Christmas tree would get us in the mood?

Who is going to tell President Trump that when he, for the first time, admits he is leaving the White House after he loses the Electoral College vote, that that is what reporters will talk about, not whatever else he might be trying to say?

When you have the whole historic White House and its furnishings to use as a backdrop, maybe think about doing things a little differently?

5 responses to “Tiny desk press event

      1. National embarrassment, indeed!
        I wonder what our allies (Europeans) think of this self-inflicted unfortunate devaluation of the integrity of the US Presidency. How do we re-take our position as leader of the free world without being ridiculed ? Oh well

  1. Today’s Times has a photo with the same dorky desk and presidential seal! For several key reasons, though, the scene occasion had a thoroughly different feel than the Thanksgiving Day shot. For one thing, Obama was behind the desk. For another, the president wasn’t alone; he was surrounded by other officials. He was sitting at the desk while signing a bill designed to prevent members of Congress from making stock trades based on non-public information they had access to as part of their work in Congress. Also, the president and all in attendance were all smiling in what looks like genuine satisfaction that the legislation was being enacted. Under this combination of circumstances, the dimensions of the desk itself are of no interest. A comparison of the 2 pictures succinctly and poignantly sums up the dystopia we currently inhabit.

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