All caps isn’t just ugly, but legally risky, too.


In Michigan, a group gathered enough signatures to put an abortion rights amendment on the ballot this November. Now an opposing group says the all-caps typography is so ugly that it’s unreadable, so the signatures should be tossed out. Here’s a portion of the petition in dispute: That is, unquestionably, extremely difficult to read. The … Continued

Hall of shame: Fixing Cooperstown’s disastrous typography


The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York just added plaques for some new members. And they’re terrible. Here’s the new plaque for David Ortiz, a player I revere. Why this typography is all wrong I’m no designer, but like all real writers, I care enough about type to know what works and what … Continued

The Serif?

You can repurpose the packaging from The Serif, one of Samsung’s “Lifestyle TVs,” into other uses, as shown. As nice as it is to find a better use for waste cardboard, I found something about this picture troubling. Can you spot it? (It’s not the cat.)