A few words for Thanksgiving

There is nothing more rewarding than watching the people you love grow into the people they realize that they want to be. Happy Thanksgiving. Talk to you tomorrow.

Calculating your Thanksgiving COVID-19 risk


One of my correspondents posted recently that, rather than living in fear, he was having 13 or more people to Thanksgiving at his house. Liberals and health professionals would have you believe that is risky. But just how risky? We all do risk calculations every day. If cars are speeding by on a busy street, … Continued

I can’t believe I’m doing this


This gig is pretty awesome. I can’t believe I get to do this. Imagine for a moment. People pay me to read what they wrote and tell the what’s wrong with it. They actually take my advice, and thank me for it. And then, after they change it, people read what they wrote and it … Continued

My grateful thanks for every setback, frustration, screwup, and failure


As I look back on a long and fairly successful career, it’s become clear to me that the disasters, screwups, flops, and efforts that fell decisively short of the goal are the ones that I learned the most from. I started smart, but the flops were where I learned what mattered. On Thanksgiving, I’d like … Continued