A quick reminder

Please take the fast survey about the meaning of self-defense. I have 50 responses so far. I can’t publish the results until I get to 100. Readers are finding it fascinating so far. And I’d love to hear from you.

A profile of business authors


I want to know who nonfiction and business authors are and how they work. I’d like to know why they got started, what their goals were, did they accomplish those goals, how long did it take, how did they publish (or plan to publish), how many copies did they sell, and how they made money. … Continued

Make data happen.


I miss data. I love data and I can do great stuff with it. When I started at Forrester, we had no consumer data. Then Bill Bluestein challenged me to come up with a consumer segmentation. We used that segmentation, Technographics, to build our first consumer surveys. We entered an awesome world in which you could find … Continued