Secrets of 3 successful book launches: connecting ideas and people


I’ve been studying successful book launches. The key is a self-reinforcing surge built on ideas and people, together. Let’s start with preliminary results from my author survey. Among 172 published nonfiction authors, the most successful book promotion tactics were the following (in this order): Public speaking engagements. Solicit back-cover blurbs. Encourage people to post Amazon … Continued

The ideal business book (with examples from Talk Triggers)


I work on a certain kind of business book. It’s about a shift in the world, and the shift in strategy that companies and people need to make in response. There is a best way to write a book like that, and Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin’s Talk Triggers is the best example I’ve seen in … Continued

You need Jay Baer’s “Talk Triggers” to make your business spread and grow


There’s this book called Talk Triggers by Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin. It has alpacas on the cover. And you should buy it, because it’s really useful. If you’re in an agency, or in marketing, you’ve probably heard clients say “We want to create something viral.” It’s practically a meme. And it’s insipid. You cannot … Continued

The remarkable candor of Taylor Huckaby, voice of @SFBART


Taylor Huckaby, who posts on the Twitter account of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), just turned honesty into a full-fledged funding debate. I’ll show you what’s special and effective about his tweets. Here’s what Huckaby tweeted in response to a complaint. @shakatron BART was built to transport far fewer people, and much … Continued

An unboxing video even haters will love

Today’s post is my first unboxing video. The new book by Jay Baer, author of Youtility, is Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers.  If you’re smart, you’ll give it a look, because customer service is the new marketing.