These are the stupidest contract terms I saw this year. Can you beat them?


I recently got the opportunity to run a writing workshop for a huge social media company. That meant I also got the opportunity to see their standard supplier contract, which had some pretty outrageous stuff in it. Freelancers, I challenge you: have you seen contract terms worse than this? Let me be clear about what … Continued

The world’s best agency contract, by Segura

The Chicago design and communications firm Segura created my all-time favorite agency contract. Here it is:   This is even better than my “consulting contract without bullshit.” It sets expectations, which is the key to a good relationship. Heard through David Stengle and BoingBoing.

A consulting contract without bullshit


When I work with clients, we sometimes trade contracts written in legalese. Both sides have a pretty good idea what we want. So why not just say it? Just for reference, here’s what I do: I help authors with book ideas. I help authors write book proposals. I run clear writing workshops for companies. I … Continued