Jargon holds companies — and communities — together. Is that a good thing?


On Vulture and in New York Magazine, Molly Young muses about the garbage language that functions as the glue in companies. But what do these tiny dialects say about the clans we all belong to? Molly Young’s article “Garbage Language: Why do corporations speak the way they do?” delves into buzzwords and the role they … Continued

Buzzword bingo (and you can play)


I’m starting a new project for 2019 and, with just a tiny bit of awareness on your part, you can fuel my efforts. Here’s a list of buzzwords you’ll see in technology and marketing press releases and announcements. Robust Seamless Omnichannel Analytics Cloud-based Comprehensive Secure Encrypted Engagement Scalable Saas Disruption/disruptive Your contribution? First, tell me … Continued

Avaya should learn the buzzword lesson of its own parody video


Avaya put out an amusing video (embedded below) that pokes fun at all the buzzwords we use around the office (“disruptor,” “hit the ground running,” “seamless”). It’s embarrassing, since we all use these buzzwords. Including, unfortunately, Avaya. Here’s an excerpt of what it says on Avaya’s “Company Overview” page (I’ve highlighted the buzzwords and meaningless claims … Continued

Adobe video embraces marketing without buzzwords

Adobe’s latest video taps into how we all feel about marketing jargon. My question is . . . is Adobe really who you think of as a jargon buster in marketing technology? Or are they part of the problem? Thanks to Steve Woodruff for the tip.