How to blog for influence (if you’re not a freak)


A friend who is a highly effective PR person sent me this note regarding challenges she has with her clients: I wanted to let you know that I’m a daily reader of your blog.  . . .  I have introduced several of my clients and prospective clients to it.  They are learning a lot, especially … Continued

A retrospective, as Without Bullshit nears 1 million words


I started writing Without Bullshit in March of 2015. I have posted every weekday since then. While this may be a sign of mental illness, it is certainly represents a degree of commitment. Thanks for taking this journey along with me. Today I look back a bit. Without Bullshit (the blog) now includes 1,027 posts, … Continued

On reaching 2 million views and other milestones


Thank you. All I ever wanted to do was write. You have rewarded me by reading, responding, challenging me, and in a few cases, hiring me. As my blog hits 2 million views today, I’d like to reflect on what’s happened so far and what’s in the future. A few key milestones I launched this … Continued

Where should I practice writing? (Ask Dr. Wobs)


Dear Dr. Wobs: I just finished Writing Without Bullshit and I’m looking for some material to help me get started in putting these new techniques to practice. I’m graduating college this spring, so I don’t have much required writing at the moment and I’d like to start developing strong writing habits before I enter the … Continued

2016 was a good year for me, if not for the world (plus, top posts)


It’s been a hell of a year for dead artists, democracy, truth, and corporate stupidity. When I started 2016 I had a plan. I would complete the manuscript for Writing Without Bullshit, HarperBusiness would publish it, and I’d use the bullshit in the election season to promote it. I had no idea that this crazy election would … Continued

Fix this blog

I’m redesigning this blog. The top header is coming off (wasted space). I’ll be highlighting the book and the blog posts. What else needs fixing (from a design perspective)? Your comments appreciated.