Require my book for your students, and I’ll Skype into your class

Dear Professor:

If you’re teaching writing in 2017, consider requiring Writing Without Bullshit as a textbook. Here’s why (plus a special offer to push you over the edge):

  • In 2017, your students ought to have a writing book that acknowledges that writing must be different for those who read on screens.
  • It uses modern real-world examples.
  • It addresses writing in the real-world environment, as part of a team.
  • It has sections on email, press releases, reports, and social media — the things your students must learn to write now.
  • You’ll look cool if you recommend a book with “Bullshit” in the title.
  • Your students will enjoy it because of the smartass tone.
  • It’s only $23.99, a lot less than their other textbooks.

Here’s the bonus. If you require the book for a class, I’ll Skype into your class and answer students’ questions.

To take me up on the offer, contact me at josh at bernoff dotcom or here.

To get this offer, you must:

  • Have at least ten students.
  • Teach a class that meets between 8am and 9pm eastern time.
  • Be one of the first ten professors who contact me.
  • Share a link or email showing the required texts for your class.

I can’t wait to talk to your students!

One response to “Require my book for your students, and I’ll Skype into your class

  1. Can’t go wrong having Josh talk to your class. He was a big hit with my PR students at UNC’s media & j-school. And there was no BS!

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