New research on business writing (infographic and report)

state of business writing 2016Today I release “The State of Business Writing, 2016,” my first research report about the challenges of writing at work, based on a survey of 547 business writers. This is the first public release of the whole set of research.

Biggest takeaways:

  • 81% of people who write for work agree with the statement “Poorly written material wastes my time.”
  • Most people believe they are good writers, even though they see problems in what everybody else writes.
  • Confidence increases with age. Of those 55 years old and older, 72% agree with the statement “I make a strong, positive impression on others with my writing.” And only 18% of those older writers worry that “Taking a clear stand in my writing would damage my career.”
  • Writers complain their training and editing processes are messed up.

Infographic of highlights is below. The full report (16 tight pages) is available here.

state of business writing infographic

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