Is it new? If not, don’t bother posting it.


Whether you’re doing a blog, a podcast, a video series, or a book, it had better include new information. Otherwise, don’t bother.

This is, after all, the era of social media. If you like what somebody else wrote or posted, you can easily share it on Twitter or Facebook. Posting stuff that isn’t new is just lazy.

How can you make sure it’s new? Lots of ways. You could post:

  • A new idea.
  • A new way of presenting the idea, such as a graphic or video about it.
  • A new perspective.
  • New data.
  • A new insight about an existing idea.
  • A more comprehensive look at an idea.
  • Bringing an existing idea to a new audience.
  • Revealing a hidden side of an existing idea.
  • An interview about ideas with someone who has a unique perspective.
  • Making fun of an idea (satire, parody).
  • Arguments against an existing idea.

This is far from a complete list. I’m sure you can come up with more.

But if you’re saying the same thing, the same way, that somebody else already said, please, don’t waste our time. We will learn more about you than we do about the idea.

New > Deep.

New > Big.

If it’s not new, then shut the heck up.

Take it from somebody who tries to make up something new everyday.

Try to think this way all the time, and a funny thing will happen.

People will start to think you are creative.

And they’ll be right.

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