30 million three-mile walks


Five or six days a week, I walk for an hour. I always start and end at my house. And I never do the same walk twice. How is this possible? An hour’s walk for me is about three miles. In my suburban neighborhood, I encounter an intersection about once every 200 yards. So I … Continued

Making mistakes


I am making many mistakes this year, almost continuously. It’s a good thing. I am learning two new skills right now that I am bad at. And keep in mind, I am doing these things at age 62. First off, my family received the gift of a 100-year old grand piano from a family friend. … Continued

I dated a Ginger. I married a Mary Ann.


In the 1960s and 70s nearly everyone watched endless reruns of “Gilligan’s Island,” the sitcom featuring seven castaways on an uncharted island. If you were a male viewer, you had to express a preference for one of the two single women on the island: Ginger, the elegant, tall, and pale-haired starlet, or Mary Ann, the … Continued

Separation, division, and unity — reflecting on 9-11


This is the story of my experience before, during, and after 9-11 — and how it still affects me 19 years later in this once again fraught moment. My story starts on September 1, 2001. I had hired a construction company to replace 120 feet of water, sewer, and gas pipes leading to my house … Continued

It was 30 years ago today . . .

Today’s my 30th wedding anniversary, friends. I’m taking the day off. Love is a wonderful thing. If you can find it, hold on tight. Be well.

Reflections from five years of “Without Bullshit”


On March 26, 2015, I launched this blog and my freelance business. In this moment when we’re all looking forward in terror, I’m looking backward and reflecting. Maybe there is something to be learned from my last five years — and if you’ve been suddenly thrust into freelancing, perhaps it can help you. Before I … Continued

“Everything happens for a reason” — umm, that’s bullshit


It sucks right now. You’re stuck in your house. You’re running out of toilet paper. Your 401(k) is tanking. Why is this happening? I recently mentioned the problem while working out with my personal trainer. (We’ve moved out sessions from the local gym to a field outdoors — I bring all my own equipment, and … Continued