Fixing the impotence and corruption of the weight loss industry

If the weight loss industry really worked, it would put itself out of business. But there is a way out of this contradiction. It’s not easy, but the problem of weight loss is fixable. You could even help fix it. Two out of three adults are overweight or obese. Some of us are happy to … Continued

The long ride

I like cycling long distances. Right now I’m planning an 84-mile ride from Arlington, the suburb of Boston where I live, to Falmouth, Cape Cod on July 3. This ride, my bicycle, my body, my mind, and my health are all intimately connected. And when you get to the end of this post, you’ll see how they connect with you, … Continued

Meat porn

It’s a bad week for meat. The UN World Health Organization says red meat causes cancer. And a study found that 2% of hot dogs contain human DNA. Yuck! These sensational stories demand a stock photo. Hmm. Should we feature a photo of the UN, of colorectal cancer, or of meat? Guess what the editors … Continued

Weight loss without bullshit: changing habits

I’m sick of the bullshit around heath, diets, and nutrition. There’s more crap in this one field than anywhere else I know. It’s an entire industry that preys on people’s fears and insecurities. So starting today, I am going to help you cut the crap when it comes to nutrition. And to be clear, I … Continued

An interview with no-bullshit dietitian Kerri Hawkins

No topic has more bullshit than people writing about diets and nutrition. I learned that from my favorite food expert, Kerri Hawkins. Today, I interview her about the way diet companies, food companies, restaurants, and media bullshit us about food. Kerri is the the past president of the Massachusetts Dietetic Association and has helped people to lose … Continued

The recipe that generates Dr Oz’ bullshit

Start with a topic that’s of crucial interest to a lot of people. Add a high degree of uncertainty. Season with media. Stand back and watch the bullshit appear. For example: which direction will stocks go? Everybody cares but nobody knows, so there’s lots of entertaining opinion on both sides. Add CNBC and you’ve got entertainment. … Continued