Secrets of 3 successful book launches: connecting ideas and people


I’ve been studying successful book launches. The key is a self-reinforcing surge built on ideas and people, together. Let’s start with preliminary results from my author survey. Among 172 published nonfiction authors, the most successful book promotion tactics were the following (in this order): Public speaking engagements. Solicit back-cover blurbs. Encourage people to post Amazon … Continued

Join me Monday 20 April, 5pm ET for author support and learning

It’s time for our weekly checkin. All nonfiction writers are invited. Today’s reading is from the truly excellent book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. Our focus topic is book promotion — what works for writers, both the famous and those just starting out. Join on Zoom here. Password is IronImp

How authors can work with a cartoonist


I’m currently editing a book that will include cartoons. Cartoons will make the book much more enjoyable, even as they drive home the points in the chapters. And I’ve never had this much fun working. Today: what it’s like to work with a cartoonist. This isn’t my first book with cartoons. For Marketing to the … Continued

Reflections from five years of “Without Bullshit”


On March 26, 2015, I launched this blog and my freelance business. In this moment when we’re all looking forward in terror, I’m looking backward and reflecting. Maybe there is something to be learned from my last five years — and if you’ve been suddenly thrust into freelancing, perhaps it can help you. Before I … Continued

Should you write a book during the viral apocalypse?


You’re stuck at home. You have internet access and, maybe, a little more time to yourself. Should you write a book? This advice is mainly for those who write business books and self-help books to gain influence — my primary audience. But I hope that all authors currently sheltering at home during the coronavirus crisis … Continued