13 tips for thriving as an author within a company

When you write a book about ideas, it reflects well on both you and your company. Or at least it ought to. As with all corporate politics, the devil is in the details. I learned much of what you’re about to read while coauthoring three books and editing two others at Forrester Research. Since leaving, … Continued

Writers: say these words before every interview you conduct

You’ve lined up some time with a smart person. You’re about to interview them on the phone or in person, and you’re eager to get started. So after the small talk is done, you ask the first question. You’ve made a mistake. There’s something you’d better say first. And based on the tears and rending … Continued

“Crisis Ready” by Melissa Agnes is a truth bomb. Go read it.

Why do companies behave so stupidly in a crisis? Now that I’ve read Melissa Agnes’ new book Crisis Ready, I understand. It’s because they didn’t have a proper crisis program in place. Crisis Ready is a terrific combination: accessible and entertaining, but full of practical advice. I found myself highlighting passages on ever page. Here are a … Continued

What authors can learn from the IBPA hybrid publisher standards

If you don’t need an advance, there are a lot of good reasons to consider a hybrid publisher — a publisher who will produce and distribute your book for a fee. But the self-publishing space is rife with con-men and amateurs. That’s one reason the Independent Book Publishers Association has published a 9-point set of … Continued

How to balance the 5 key elements of a business book

Business books are made out of case studies, idea frameworks, proof points, argumentation, and advice. The key is to balance the amount of each element that you include. Here’s a short description of what each piece is, why it’s important to use the right amount, and how to adjust it. If you write business books, … Continued

Is Seth Godin right about the future of publishing?

With Amazon and ebooks swallowing so much of the book business, Seth Godin has set out a new vision for publishers. I don’t think they can follow his lead. As the book business shrinks, you’ll have to make your own way, through either luck or pay-for-play. Seth’s post, on the site of his publishing venture … Continued