The best parts of me are like my Dad


Picture this. It is the 1960s. You are a student at the Ogontz Campus of Penn State University, near Philadelphia, where the students and professors who are unable or unwilling to get into the main University Park campus end up. You are majoring in something other than science, but you need a science class to … Continued


What does it say that the first day after I quit daily blogging, I considered writing a blog post about how it felt to give up daily blogging? Old habits die hard.



This post is about the changes in my work and this blog starting in 2022, including two new books. Time to reexamine my work Historically, I’ve remade my career every seven to ten years. Things change in your life and your work; it’s best to be thinking about it before it gets stale. I’ve remade … Continued

Without Bullshit: A 7-year retrospective


On Friday, March 27, 2015, I made my first post on this blog. I recommend starting large tasks on a Friday. It allows you to have the weekend to consider where you are going. I made my next post on Sunday, March 29, and I have posted every weekday since then. Since this blog is … Continued

Take the day off.


Take today off. I am. Nothing in this post is original. If you don’t need to work today, stay home with family. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket and watch a sappy movie. Make a fire (but only if you have a fireplace). Leave the stress behind. Look around you. If someone in your family … Continued

Why you should set clear limits on free advice


I’m in a dispute with my accountant. We both feel wronged. And it’s all because of the way they treated free advice. My accountant is part of a mid-sized local accounting firm. He prepares my taxes, which are complex, and also advises me on tax strategy. With a few exceptions, I’ve found the tax prep … Continued