Enjoy the journey, not just the destination

I have been relentlessly focused on accomplishment. Reaching for the top is fun, but I need to pay more attention to what’s happening as I’m climbing. I don’t know where in my youth I developed the obsession to always reach for more, but it has always been there. SAT scores, graduating top of my class, … Continued

Conversing with an old friend

When you’re reconnecting with someone you haven’t seen in a while — months, years, decades — what do you say? I’m changing the way I make conversation. There are basically three ways to answer the question “So, how have you been?” Brag You can start ticking off the accomplishments. Since I am an accomplishment- and … Continued

Can truth and influence coexist? My challenge for 2018.

Starting today and for at least the next year, I will focus my work on this question: What is the evolving dynamic between truth and influence, and what should you do about it? What do I mean by truth and influence? Here’s how I define these terms: Truth refers to the insights that research creates. … Continued

The year in bullshit: top “Without Bullshit” posts of 2017

It’s been a hell of a year, and every month was filled with its share of bullshit. So let’s review 2017 through the lens of the most popular Without Bullshit posts in every month. January: “What’s really wrong with millennials?” asks Simon Sinek Simon Sinek has it all figured out. Millennials are screwed up because … Continued

Synonyms for bullshit

Sometimes you can’t call bullshit by its name. To avoid repetition, to write in places that prohibit curse words, or just to be more descriptive, you need synonyms. Thanks to Stephen Chrisomalis on a site called The Phrontistery, I now have a useful list of synonyms for bullshit. Here are some of my favorites. Descriptions … Continued

Not the Christmas morning I was expecting

I write every weekday. Christmas day is no exception. Today’s story is what happened to me on Christmas morning in New England, which didn’t quite turn out as expected. I was raised in a Jewish family and married a woman from a Christian family; as we have celebrated both traditions I’ve learned to love the … Continued