In which I declare war on link building


I get dozens of emails every week from people who want to post shit on my site — despite the fact that I have never posted an unsolicited article. They don’t benefit my readers and they annoy me, so I’ve declared war on them. Here are some samples: Hi there, I know you’re swamped, so … Continued

It was 30 years ago today . . .

Today’s my 30th wedding anniversary, friends. I’m taking the day off. Love is a wonderful thing. If you can find it, hold on tight. Be well.

Join me Monday 13 April 5pm ET for another author checkin

This week’s reading is from the awesome book The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. Our discussion topic is “How to use this current fraught moment to improve your trajectory as a writer.” Use this link. Password is IronImper

Join me Monday 6 April, 5pm ET, for another author checkin


Your warmth sustained me in our last checkin. I want to return the favor. I’ll start with a comforting reading from the greatest nonfiction book I’ve ever read, Hegarty on Creativity, by John Hegarty. Then warmth, support, and answers for any of your questions about books, writing, and life. Mark your calendar for 5pm ET … Continued

Kids at home? Here are a few tips from a successful homeschooling family.


My wife and I homeschooled our two children. One has now graduated Tufts University, magna cum laude, and the other is studying computer science at the University of Massachusetts. They’ve grown into smart, moral, and caring people. Here’s a little of what we learned from schooling them that may help you survive the next few … Continued

Viral generosity


I’m usually a hardass. But I find myself feeling a lot more generous right now. Yesterday, I went shopping at Whole Foods. It was the day after Trump’s address, after the WHO had declared a pandemic, after the stock crash, the emergency declarations, the NBA shut down. The local schools and library were announcing that … Continued

The trouble with skills coaching


I write, ghostwrite, edit, and advise writers. I also coach them. Coaching is the hardest, and the thing I have the most trouble with. The challenge is the mindset. I have a project and problem-solving mindset. This is why I like writing and editing projects. The to-dos look like this: How can I help my … Continued