5 bullshit things about health care and the reasons behind them

Do you find the health care system in America baffling? Me too. But industries work the way they do for a reason. With help from independent health care analyst Skip Snow, I did my best to reveal the perverse logic of American health care. It all comes down to one thing: when the people who use a service … Continued

5 bullshit things about television and the reasons behind them

I studied the television industry for more than a decade. It doesn’t work the way you think it does. Since TV is a highly visible but stodgy industry ripe for disruption, it’s a great topic for #5BullshitThings, highlighting industries that work in incomprehensible ways and why they do. I’ll explain your bloated cable bill, why TV programs … Continued

5 bullshit things about book publishing and the reasons behind them

Today I launch #5BullshitThings, an industry-by-industry analysis of the whacked-out way the world works now. I’ll start with book publishing. When rapid change hits stodgy industries you get disruption. Disruption generates cognitive confusion and threatens power dynamics. That, in turn, generates hypocrisy, and incomprehensible behavior. In other words, bullshit. Let’s look at five bullshit things about … Continued