Fivethirtyeight made suggestions on how to fix Facebook. Would they work?


On, Kayleigh Rogers wrote a piece called “Facebook’s Algorithm Is Broken. We Collected Some Suggestions On How To Fix It.” Let’s try to figure out whether these suggestions would work. I’ll analyze each suggestion in the article from four perspectives: Would it solve Facebook’s major problems right now, specifically the viral spread of misinformation … Continued

A few words for Thanksgiving

There is nothing more rewarding than watching the people you love grow into the people they realize that they want to be. Happy Thanksgiving. Talk to you tomorrow.

A quick reminder

Please take the fast survey about the meaning of self-defense. I have 50 responses so far. I can’t publish the results until I get to 100. Readers are finding it fascinating so far. And I’d love to hear from you.

A happy retirement


When you work for a company — or are building your own business — you need to make compromises for the long-term. You might have to travel a lot, obey commands from a stupid boss, or perform in ways that create ethical compromises. And you’ll probably be working harder, and more hours, than you’d like, … Continued

Marketing in sheep’s clothing


Marketing has such a poor reputation that it now has to pretend to be customer service. And it makes me hopping mad. For example . . . I got a letter from Spectrum, my internet provider, that said “Important information about your account.” Inside, a generic offer to upgrade my service. My doctor’s office used … Continued

The murder quiz: what is self-defense?


A jury found Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who shot three people and killed two of them in Kenosha, Wisconsin, not guilty of murder. Regardless of the circumstances and the behavior of the judge and prosecutors, at some fundamental level, this is not surprising: Rittenhouse felt his life was threatened, and said he acted in … Continued