Emma Gonzalez and the power of victims

Look at this amazing statement from Emma Gonzalez, a survivor of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Is there any question that this woman will be one of tomorrow’s leaders? This level of passion, logic, persuasion, and maturity in an 18-year-old is remarkable. Ms. Gonzalez has taken her status as a victim and turned it … Continued

Time to cut burdensome airline regulations? Or add some more?

The Wall Street Journal reports that Airlines for America, the lobbying organization for airlines, has asked the Department of Transportation to end some popular airline rules. Donald Trump is all about cutting regulations, which is why his DOT asked the airlines what to cut. Any business owner will tell you that regulations are a pain … Continued

The clarity and candor of Bill and Melinda Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates answered ten tough questions about their charitable foundation in their tenth annual letter. Their writing is in the first person, clear, and direct, and they do a great job of admitting their mistakes. All corporate communications should be as candid and straightforward as this. Let’s look at some excerpts. The questions … Continued

Clueless and shallow in Palm Beach, Florida #ThePalmBeaches

This advertisement for “The Palm Beaches” was the back cover of the Boston Globe Magazine on Sunday. It is a sign that we are losing our minds. Please, by all means, seek out great experiences. And it’s fine to post great experiences on social media. But if you are seeking out experiences for the purpose … Continued

I am your editor and I reject your apology

When writers send me pieces to edit, they all seem to come with an apology. Your apology is meaningless to me. “I’m sorry this is so long.” “I’m sorry this isn’t better organized.” “I’m sorry this seems to wander around a bit.” I have one client who doesn’t apologize, but submits every piece with a … Continued

Shakespeare didn’t plagiarize. He drew inspiration . . . just as you should.

A New York Times article with an inflammatory title suggests that, according to new scholarly research,  Shakespeare’s plays drew heavily on a manuscript by another author. For Shakespeare scholars, this is a revelation. For the rest of us, it’s a good demonstration of the difference between plagiarism and inspiration. The title of the Times article is “Plagiarism … Continued