Meta Token? GriftCoin? Meta is even stupider than we thought.


Did you know that Facebook’s parent company Meta is now releasing a crypto token called Meta Token? Actually, it isn’t. But the same scammers who placed Facebook ads for the Amazon Token are now advertising a Meta Token, supposedly backed by Mark Zuckerberg — advertised, of course, on Facebook. Same scam, different day If you’ve … Continued


What does it say that the first day after I quit daily blogging, I considered writing a blog post about how it felt to give up daily blogging? Old habits die hard.

Lessons of Theranos


I’m halfway through listening to the audiobook of John Carreyrou’s Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup. It’s an interesting time to be learning about this company, as Theranos’s CEO Elizabeth Holmes was just convicted of lying to investors. I’ve helped launch or participated in my share of startups and been briefed … Continued



This post is about the changes in my work and this blog starting in 2022, including two new books. Time to reexamine my work Historically, I’ve remade my career every seven to ten years. Things change in your life and your work; it’s best to be thinking about it before it gets stale. I’ve remade … Continued

Without Bullshit: A 7-year retrospective


On Friday, March 27, 2015, I made my first post on this blog. I recommend starting large tasks on a Friday. It allows you to have the weekend to consider where you are going. I made my next post on Sunday, March 29, and I have posted every weekday since then. Since this blog is … Continued

“Do Not Reply” emails are offensive — and a missed opportunity


Organizations email individuals all the time. The sender is often something like “” That’s a massive “screw you” to the customer, and it doesn’t have to be. Why do those “Do Not Reply” emails exist? There are lots of reasons that companies send emails from a “do not reply” address. The main one is some … Continued

Mel Brooks’ “All About Me!” is a triumph — especially as an audiobook


If you love Mel Brooks, you’ll love his new autobiography All About Me!: My Remarkable Life in Show Business. If you don’t love Mel Brooks, forget it, you’ll hate it. Here’s the deal with this book. Mel Brooks is an egomaniac. Mel Brooks thinks Mel Brooks is the greatest thing ever. Yes, it’s a joke … Continued