The Trump Afghanistan speech is full of heartfelt platitudes

President Donald Trump announced a new strategy on Afghanistan and Pakistan last night. But before he got to the substance, he spent 481 words on his feelings about soldiers. When you hear words like these, your heart may stir, but ask yourself: would anyone ever say anything different? Am I being manipulated? The speech last … Continued

Why the conflicted ACLU statement about armed protesters is ineffective

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) exists to defend people’s constitutional rights. Its California chapters (later backed up by the national organization) recently backed off its defense of alt-right protesters. It’s a nuanced stance, and a confusing statement didn’t help. People think of the ACLU as a highly liberal organization. It has recently defended imprisoned … Continued

Case study tip: the quickie character sketch

It’s easy to forget that businesses are made of people. When you write a case study for a business book, blog post, or article, readers need to see those people as human. Here’s how to do that quickly without getting in the way of the story you’re telling. People in business prose need to be … Continued

The Daily Stormer, which wasn’t hacked by Anonymous, must think its readers are stupid

The Daily Stormer — the site that sponsored the white nationalist protests in¬†Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend — has apparently been under attack. It appeared that the hacker collective Anonymous took it over, then the site owners regained control, and then GoDaddy cancelled its domain registration. The GoDaddy part is true, but as I’ll show, the … Continued

What are you actually DOING to fight racists and Nazis? Take the pro bono pledge.

This weekend brought white supremacist marches, Nazi salutes, counter-protests and vehicular murder to Charlottesville, Virginia. You probably joined everyone from Orrin Hatch¬†to Justin Trudeau in condemning it. Now what? You’re against racism. Good for you. You posted your outrage on Facebook. A bunch of people who agree with you and are also against hate and … Continued